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Hana Haig holds a Master’s of Education and Music from Charles University in Prague, and has performed throughout Europe for decades. She attended intense courses in Holistic Nutrition at Clayton College and later became a Nutritional Consultant for NutraMetrix. Hana is still very active in the music world and for more than 8 years has been teaching at the Black Bear Conservatory of Music in Hawley, PA. She sees a connection between music and health as a very important balance of body and mind.

More than a decade ago Hana found her passion in Light Therapy. Her husband brought this unique technology to her attention through his work with NASA. For the past 12 years she has been an expert in light therapy through extensive study and research. Through her successful years of practice in various health centers, she established herself at Lynn’s Healing Zone in Hawley, PA. Hana likes to educate and share her experience through lectures and personal sessions on this unique, revolutionary, and alternative treatment. Light Therapy is well researched and documented technology, as well as FDA approved. It is non-invasive, non-surgical and has no side effects. It is a pain free answer for many health conditions due to acceleration of wound healing and a regenerative and aging preventive treatment.

LED Light Therapy Treatments

25 minutes / $85
This unique therapy developed by NASA uses LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) and a combination of lights (red, blue, and green) to penetrate skin, tissue, muscle, joint, and even bones. The variation of colors has been proven to ease pain and accelerate the healing process, replace damaged cells more frequently by increasing RNA and DNA synthesis. The light absorbed by the cells stimulates metabolism in muscle, bone, and skin tissue, promotes wound healing, and decreases inflammation. Light therapy not only accelerates the healing process but also stimulates new tissue regeneration. Not recommended during pregnancy or for those with seizure disorders. See the Spa Concierge to schedule your session.

*For your convenience, in addition to the quoted price, a 20% service charge will automatically be added to all services, consultations, private activities, and alcoholic beverages. Additional gratuities are not necessary or expected.

To change or cancel a private consultation, please notify our Spa Concierge at least 4 hours prior to your scheduled consultation to avoid being charged the full amount.