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Specialty Bodywork

Please wear loose comfortable clothing for the following Specialty Bodywork.

Healing Light Therapy
This unique therapy developed by NASA uses LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) and a combination of lights (red, blue, and green) to penetrate skin, tissue, muscle, joint, and even bones. The variation of colors has been proven to ease pain and accelerate the healing process, replace damaged cells more frequently by increasing RNA and DNA synthesis. The light absorbed by the cells stimulates metabolism in muscle, bone, and skin tissue, promotes wound healing, and decreases inflammation. Light therapy not only accelerates the healing process but also stimulates new tissue regeneration. Not recommended during pregnancy or for those with seizure disorders.
25 minutes // $85
50 minutes // $160

Intuitive Healing
Healing comes in many forms; a touch, communication, expression, listening. Healing is releasing what is old and no longer serving you, bringing you back to the present moment.  True healing is both physical and mental, working deep within your energy field to help this process of renewal.  In this unique session, an intuitive healer connects by way of gentle touch, listening to what the body is saying and communicating with energy and  expressing gratitude to the energy forces who guide in the process.  This gentle technique has profound effects and allows you to connect from deep within.
50 minutes // $150
This ancient methodology focuses on pressure points in the feet and hands that correspond to various organs and systems throughout the entire body. Pressure point stimulation opens energy pathways, promoting greater circulation and relaxation.
50 minutes // $140
In this century-old Japanese tradition, universal healing energy is channeled to the areas of the body where it is most needed. Results can include a sense of deep peace and greater mental clarity.
50 minutes // $140

Restful Retreat
This distinctive experience focuses on promoting a deep state of relaxation. A specially designed chair embraces you in comfort while your therapist massages your head and feet using handcrafted oil blends to ease you into a restful state.
50 minutes // $150
Thai Bodywork
A traditional form of bodywork from Thailand, this technique uses stretching, point therapy, and breathwork to create a greater sense of balance throughout the body.
50 minutes // $160

Vibrational Sound Therapy
Combining powerful vibration and sound to induce an immediate relaxed state, this unique experience introduces sound waves by direct placement of therapeutic singing bowls on the body.  The gentle vibration and soothing ambient tones encourage a deep meditative state, allowing the body to fully rest and promoting a greater sense of well-being.
50 minutes // $160


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