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Experience exciting and educational events at The Lodge at Woodloch, featuring inspirational and motivational guest speakers, available to elevate your consciousness and personal awareness. Diverse opportunities are offered to discover a greater understanding of life, love, self, spirituality, health, music, healing, the environment, and our world. 

Jill Gropper
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Jill Gropper

Lifestyle Coach

Jill Gropper

From Friday, June 16, 2023 to Saturday, June 17, 2023 June 16, 2023 June 17, 2023 The Lodge at Woodloch

Jill Gropper, Lifestyle Coach
June 16th - 17th
Jill Gropper is a certified LifeStyle Coach, Personal Trainer and the owner of Mind Body Balance LLC. Jill has integrated the mind body approach to health and wellness and has been guiding and supporting her clients health and wellness goals for over 20 years. Jill speaks globally to the fitness and wellness industry about the mind body connection and how Mindful Living is the key to sustaining a happy, healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. You can view more information about Jill on her website

Friday, June 16th
Powerful You Workshop with Jill Gropper

Join Jill, as she takes you through her Powerful You Workshop. You will learn how to take responsibility and ownership of your own health and well-being, as Jill guides you through simple lifestyle choices that you can make on a daily basis. There are 5 core principles that Jill will share with you around creating a healthy lifestyle that will fill you up with abundant energy, vitality, and sustained nourishment. You will learn tools and techniques that you can take home with you to fuel your body and strengthen your focus. 

Saturday, June 17th 
Mindful Living with Jill Gropper

Are you ready to relax and rejuvenate? Spend an evening with Jill as she facilitates a gentle guided meditation and teaches some her best mindful living techniques that will help restore your energy and create calm in your mind body connection. You will leave with a simple mindful meditation practice that you can take home with you. After this evenings workshop, you are guaranteed to feel nourished and relaxed for a good nights sleep.