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Experience exciting and educational events at The Lodge at Woodloch, featuring inspirational and motivational guest speakers, available to elevate your consciousness and personal awareness. Diverse opportunities are offered to discover a greater understanding of life, love, self, spirituality, health, music, healing, the environment, and our world. 

Laura Ellen White
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Laura Ellen White

Researcher & Educator

Laura Ellen White

From Friday, January 5, 2024 to Saturday, January 6, 2024 January 5, 2024 January 6, 2024 The Lodge at Woodloch

Laura Ellen White, MSS, LSW, Researcher & Educator
January 5th – 6th 
Laura Ellen White is a lifelong learner, researcher, and stage 4 cancer survivor. Her work focuses on finding comfort, connection, and compassion in the everyday, appreciation for what is, and a vision for what could be. She embraces the principles and processes she teaches and is grateful for her husband, children, friends, family, and pets. Laura is a Licensed Social Worker, Certified Daring Way Facilitator™ (based on the work of Brené Brown), and Certified Facilitator of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® METHOD. 

Friday, January 5th 
Navigate Apologies

Understanding apologies can cleanse lingering negativity and unburden your soul. Join Laura Ellen White for a unique look at apologies. We’ll begin with the elements of a heartfelt apology. Then we’ll flip the perspective to understand why sometimes it’s okay not to accept an apology. We’ll come full circle with a look at healing and finding peace when the apology never comes. Don’t dismiss your anger and hurt. This workshop provides tools to begin to heal old wounds and move forward in 2024.

Saturday, January 6th
Navigate Choice

Choice goes hand in hand with individualism and self-expression. It’s exciting to have options, whether it’s the menu at a new restaurant, how to spend a day off, or what gift to buy a loved one. But, did you know that too many choices may actually be draining your energy, inhibiting your ability to make a choice, and even preventing you from being satisfied with the outcome? In this workshop, we’ll identify patterns in how you navigate choice and learn strategies to spend less time agonizing and more time feeling satisfied in 2024.