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Experience exciting and educational events at The Lodge at Woodloch, featuring inspirational and motivational guest speakers, available to elevate your consciousness and personal awareness. Diverse opportunities are offered to discover a greater understanding of life, love, self, spirituality, health, music, healing, the environment, and our world. 

Amy Ries
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Amy Ries

Executive Career & Life Coach

Amy Ries

From Friday, December 29, 2023 to Saturday, December 30, 2023 December 29, 2023 December 30, 2023 The Lodge at Woodloch

Amy Ries, Executive Career & Life Coach
December 29th - 30th
Founder and CEO of RETREAT, Amy Ries, is an Executive Career & Life Coach who specializes in helping women get unstuck. Amy is an expert in career clarity, direction, and fulfillment, with an ultimate goal of true work+life alignment. Amy believes everyone deserves a life they love and she's dedicated to giving women the courage and confidence to claim the life of their dreams, at any age or stage. Amy is a former C-Suite Executive with a successful 20-year career in high-profile multinationals.  After achieving everything she thought she 'should' do, Amy had the self-realization that she wanted something more and so she set out to discover her destiny, leaving the corporate world behind.  Her transformational work can be experienced via personal coaching, corporate workshops, and luxury retreats.  Amy lives in Doylestown, Pennsylvania with her husband, three daughters, and two doodles.

Friday, December 29th
Look Back & Appreciate 2023

In this fun, interactive workshop, guests will be led on an unforgettable reflection exercise to look back and celebrate 2023. Together we'll appreciate this amazing year through a very different lens.  Looking back is the momentum-building way to clean the slate and make room for the new year. Upon completion, 2023 will feel honored and resolved, and you'll be ready to kick off a great 2024! 

Saturday, December 30th
Look Ahead & Anticipate 2024

Do more than dream about the year ahead, get your action plan in motion! In this fun and interactive workshop, we will plan, create, and get excited for 2024.  Begin the year feeling motivated, with a positive outlook, and the start of your personalized plan.  It's time to shed 2023 and reset your momentum for an amazing year ahead!