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Experience exciting and educational events at The Lodge at Woodloch, featuring inspirational and motivational guest speakers, available to elevate your consciousness and personal awareness. Diverse opportunities are offered to discover a greater understanding of life, love, self, spirituality, health, music, healing, the environment, and our world. 

Beauty & Wellness Weekend
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Beauty & Wellness Weekend

A woman on a spa treatment table getting a facial

From Friday, September 23, 2022 to Sunday, September 25, 2022 September 23, 2022 September 25, 2022 The Lodge at Woodloch

The Lodge at Woodloch understands the desire to look and feel beautiful. Join us for a weekend dedicated to letting your beauty shine - from the inside out.

In addition to all of the outstanding standard programming, we've brought in the experts and advice from the founders of our hand-selected spa product lines to share their wisdom and best practices. Don’t miss this special opportunity to learn from industry experts and sample some of the best new products. 

Friday, September 23rd
The Making of a Brand + 2022 Global Wellness Conversations with Mike Bruggeman, CEO & Chairman of One Well World

Join us for the Beauty & Wellness Weekend kickoff and cocktail reception to explore the story behind two of the spa brands offered at the Lodge & Spa at Woodloch. The ethos, intentions and actions of the company offering this weekend’s complimentary treatments may surprise you. Mike Bruggeman, CEO & Chief Formulation Officer shares how a concept becomes a reality and how an idea can develop into two thriving skin wellness brands that are today, offered around the globe. Mike also shares the work of the One Well World Foundation’s Board of Directors of, a group of global industry professionals committed to making a difference in the lives of member company employees, the communities in which they live and the people they serve.

Saturday, September 24th
OM4 Organic Male Complimentary Mini-Treatments

Available 10:00am - 6:00pm
In Honor of Men’s Health & Wellness, OM4 Organic Male will be offering complimentary 15-minute mini treatments: Options include a Fall In Love with Your Face treatment, OM4 Signature Eye Treatment + Black Spruce Siberian Ginseng Scalp Massage, or a Men’s Grooming and DerMANalysis Consultation. Please sign up with the Spa Concierge. Space is Limited!

OM4 Signature Eye Treatment + Black Spruce Siberian Ginseng Scalp Massage
Two top-rated premature aging concerns among men are eye fatigue and male pattern baldness.  Attack dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines while promoting scalp health and hair densification in this dual-function age-delaying mini-treatment for men.  Experience OM4’s next generation ingredient technology, and see and feel the immediate difference that only advanced green science organics can produce. 

Fall In Love with Your Face
This weekend, drench your skin in an antioxidant-rich blend of post-crush grapes – wine polyphenols, amino acid-fortified harvest grains and vitamins to ready your skin’s immune system for the winter ahead. Male skin is biologically different from female skin. This green science organic men’s face treatment is customized to your unique lifestyle and grooming challenges. Luxurious hot towels, an abbreviated neck and shoulder massage, and-age-intercepting ingredients combine to create the ultimate experience for tackling the toughest male skin concerns. 

Men's Grooming and DerMANalysis Consultation
A daily grooming and skin care routine does not have to be complex or daunting, we eliminate the guesswork and curate a routine designed just for you and meet you where you are in the journey. This precision analysis and consultation will be provided by a skin care and grooming expert to customize a RegiMEN working with you to discover targeted solutions that works best for you. A completely curated approach will provide the very best options for your unique skin, grooming and daily  routine needs to support a handsome, healthy complexion and appearance. It is never too late to begin to invest in your skin care 401K to combat and prevent premature aging. 

haia (HAPPY AS I AM) Complimentary Mini-Treatments
Available 10:00am - 6:00pm
haia is a uniquely human brand that supports inclusivity, belonging and being happy and comfortable in your skin. Regardless of age, skin color, gender expression, ethnicity or lifestyle choice, haia provides scientific solutions designed to support 360-degree wellness from the health and nutrition of your skin, to your emotional and spiritual well-being. haia will be offering complimentary 15-minute mini treatments: #TimeToBeHappy Skin Wellness Treatment, haia Rapid Eye Rescue + Renewal Treatment or a comprehensive Skin Wellness Assessment to develop a skin routine customized to your lifestyle, skin health and personal goals. Please sign up with the Spa Concierge. Space is Limited!

#TimeToBeHappy Skin Wellness Treatment 
Nature meets advanced biotech science in a restorative, organic mini treatment that not only uncovers your most beautiful and radiant appearance, but balances mind, body and spirit. The haia (HAPPY AS I AM) product line taps nature’s most potent phytonutrients, antioxidants and leading-edge scientific actives to transform your skin. Vibrational sound and gemstone placement will evoke a state of total well-being. Emerge affirming: “I am calm, I am radiant, I am well!

Rapid Eye Rescue + Renewal Treatment
The eyes are not only the windows to the soul but also one of the first places we start to notice changes in our the longevity of our skin. Excessive device time, daily stress, blue-light and our less-than-perfect environment quickly impact the delicate eye contour skin. Refresh, rejuvenate and brighten your eyes, one of your most important physical assets. 

Skin Wellness Assessment 
Daily skin conditioning and care is key to skin longevity and healthy aging. Take the guesswork out of selecting the products that will benefit your unique lifestyle and beauty challenges. This comprehensive skin wellness analysis and personalized recommendation will be conducted by a haia aesthetic professional in support of your specific goals and the  daily challenges you face.

Best Practice Shaving and Grooming Routines with Mike Bruggeman, founder and CEO of Organic Male OM4
Men, don’t pretend you don’t care about your looks and how you are aging?  See how the biological differences in male and female skin call for innovative male-specific grooming products.  Spend a few minutes to learn how your skin ages and how you can look your best at any age and slow the clock.  We will also explore best practice shaving and how to address common shaving-related skin concerns.

The Art, Science & Physiology of Beauty + Grooming
Join Jennifer Sposato, Vice President of Education & Training with haia Wellness and OM4 Organic Male for a uniquely informative lecture on what it takes to embrace aging and look our best at any time during our life. As the world around us becomes increasing complex and difficult to manage, key skin wellness tips and educational points will assist you looking and feeling your best every day.

Beautiful Skin From the Inside Out
The food that you eat and what you drink may matter to your skin complexion almost as much as it does to your waistline. Discover some of the best natural ways to significantly improve the quality of your skin, reduce the signs of aging and keep your skin looking and feeling healthy, youthful and glowing.

Sunday, September 25th
Meditation With Mike

Join haia Wellness and OM4 Organic Male CEO, Mike Bruggeman for a unique meditative experience based on Shambala technique. During the first 15 minutes, we explore the theory and benefits behind meditation and the last 15 minutes will be spent practicing the Shambala Warriors meditation to set you up for daily success and despite the many challenges and curve balls you make experience. Learn to be a calming presence in a sea of human anxiety.