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Experience exciting and educational events at The Lodge at Woodloch, featuring inspirational and motivational guest speakers, available to elevate your consciousness and personal awareness. Diverse opportunities are offered to discover a greater understanding of life, love, self, spirituality, health, music, healing, the environment, and our world. 

Dr. Rebecca Sharim
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Dr. Rebecca Sharim


Dr. Rebecca Sharim

From Friday, October 4, 2024 to Saturday, October 5, 2024 October 4, 2024 October 5, 2024 The Lodge at Woodloch

Dr. Rebecca Sharim, Rheumatologist
October 4th - 5th 
Rebecca Sharim MD is a board-certified rheumatologist in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. For over 10 years she has had a busy clinical rheumatology practice. She specializes in chronic autoimmune diseases, osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis, with a focus on patient education. In her free time, she is an avid vegetable gardener and enjoys yoga, strength training, and cooking from her garden. 

Friday, October 4th
The Benefits of an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

There is an overwhelming amount of information presented to us about dietary influences on health, particularly in this age of social media. There is no doubt that what we eat influences how we feel, but how do we make sense of the information overload?  In this class, we will learn about the anti-inflammatory diet from the perspective of a practicing rheumatologist. We will explore the evidence to support this diet and learn what it can do for you. 

Saturday, October 5th 
Maintaining Strong Bones over the Years

Thinning of our bones is a natural process that occurs with aging. In this class, we will learn about osteopenia and osteoporosis from the perspective of a practicing rheumatologist. We will discuss lifestyle changes that can help maintain strength, prevent fractures, and protect our bones as we age.