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Experience exciting and educational events at The Lodge at Woodloch, featuring inspirational and motivational guest speakers, available to elevate your consciousness and personal awareness. Diverse opportunities are offered to discover a greater understanding of life, love, self, spirituality, health, music, healing, the environment, and our world. 

Women's Wellness Week
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Women's Wellness Week

Anne Fulenwider is the Co-Founder and CO-CEO of Alloy Women’s Health

From Monday, May 20, 2024 to Tuesday, May 21, 2024 May 20, 2024 May 21, 2024 The Lodge at Woodloch

Anne Fulenwider, Co-Founder and CO-CEO of Alloy Women’s Health
May 20th - 21st 
A former magazine editor, she’s worked at The Paris Review and Vanity Fair and served as the editor-in-chief of Marie Claire. While at Marie Claire, she launched a conference for entrepreneurs called The Power Trip. After her mother died of a sudden heart attack in 2016, she became motivated to make an impact on women’s health. Inspired by all the people she’s met who are disrupting industries and building a better world for women, she became an entrepreneur herself in 2020, intending to change the conversation around women’s post-reproductive health. 

Monday, May 20th 
Menopause 101

If you’re dazed and confused about menopause, you’re hardly alone. Chances are you never got the “talk” and now you’re relying on unreliable information. Menopause is shrouded in myths and misinformation. We break down the basics, so your head can be clear as you head into this important life stage. 

Using research from Dr. Sharon Malone, the Chief Medical Director at Alloy Women’s Health, and Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, clinical professor at the Yale University of Medicine- Anne will answer the 20 most common questions women have on menopause. 

Tuesday, May 21st 
Are Hormones Really Dangerous? 

Hormone replacement therapy used to be the “treatment of choice” for treating menopausal symptoms. But after the first results of the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) went public in 2002, toilets were flushed around the world, as women panicked and discarded their pills in fear of breast cancer and cardiovascular events. We set the record straight and explain in layman’s terms, what went terribly wrong and why this study was severely flawed. We’ll also talk about non-hormonal alternatives and other ways to treat the symptoms of menopause.